2017 Annual National DEC Export Symposium and Forum


National DEC Export Symposium (Sep 27, 2017) open to all exporting community

This ​year’s Annual National DEC Export ​Symposium  will ​​have several panels focusing ​​on ​​the key export issues and updates. Panels will include Export Controls Update, Export Control Programs, Federal and Local Program and Grants, Trade Policy Updates and Key Issues, and EXIM Bank Update.

Some of our speakers include

  • Rep. Steven Chabot,  Chairman, House Small Business Committee
  • Rep. Andy Barr, House Financial Services Committee
  • Israel Hernandez, Acting Under Secretary for ITA, US Department of Commerce
  • Richard Ashooh, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, US Department of Commerce – BIS
  • Erin Walsh, Assistant Secretary and Director General of US and Foreign Commercial Service, US Department of Commerce – ITA
  • Tom McGinty, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Commerce – ITA
  • Michael Mosier, Associate Director for Sanctions Compliance & Enforcement, US Department of the Treasury – OFAC

​​National DEC Export Symposium ​​will ​​be ​​hosted by ​​the ​​U.S. ​​Chamber ​​of ​​Commerce​ in Washington, DC.

National DEC Annual Forum (Sep 28, 2017) open to DEC members nationwide

In the morning session we will discuss the key topics in management of the DECs, namely DEC legal structures, how to develop a sustainable strategic plans, in addition to presentation and review of the ongoing  DEC projects and lessons learned in DEC engagements. We will dedicate the afternoon session to visits to the Congressional leaders at the Capitol Hill. Evening reception will be hosted at the Capitol Visitor Center in conjunction with Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).

​​National DEC Annual Forum ​​will ​​be ​​at Ronald Reagan International Trade Building, Washington, DC, with the evening reception being held at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Washington, DC.

See agenda for the Symposium and Forum.

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